Cassia Gum Food Grade E427 | 1f499

Cassia Gum Food Grade E427 | 1f499 is the purified version of Cassia Gum technical / petfood grade E499. The plant derives from a wild crop that grows in most parts of central India as a weed. The Cassia Gum Powder is produced from the endosperms of Senna obtusifolia also called Cassia Tora L. / Cassia obtusifolia L.

Nowadays, main applications are in

  • petfood,
  • food,
  • personal care and
  • pharmaceutical products.

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Historically Cassia Gum was developed as a cheaper alternative to Locust Bean Gum (LBG) for the pet food industry. The first Cassia Gum product was the so called Technical Grade or Pet Food Grade. Throughout the years this product found a firm and stable place in this industry. Driven by innovation and to make the product even safer and suitable for use in other industries the production process and washing was refined consequently.

Finally, Cassia Gum Food Grade E427 | 1f499 is the new standard for pet food and food applications since the end of 2019.

Cassia Gum Food Grade from India


Cassia Gum Food Grade E427 | 1f499

Main Origin of the raw material for Cassia Gum Food Grade, which is made from the seeds of wild growing Cassia Obtusifolia and Cassia Tora, is in central regions of India. Namely in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

The seeds can also be found in other regions of the world like Australia, USA or South East Asia.

However, the source for our Cassia Gum Food Grade comes from the “heart and soul” which is and remains the centre of India with plenty of the raw materials available on reasonable volumes and also qualities.

Safety of product and supply

The manufacturer we deal with is in this business since the 1990’s. You can be sure to have a safe product and secured supply chain, as they are very familiar with the whole business and spanned a broad network to farmers and wholesalers all over the sourcing areas that are available.

Depending on Monsoon, where it comes down and to which extend, we can always access and secure reasonable volumes of raw materials in the required high quality to secure your high quality finished product.

manufacturing Cassia Gum Food Grade from India

Manufacturing process

In the manufacturing process of pet food and food – Safety – is and will be one of your main objectives.

Same for us, the focus of the final Cassia Gum Food Grade Powder is the safety of humans and pets. The manufacturing process of high quality Cassia Gum Food Grade E427 | 1f499 requires experience and knowledge and that is where you benefit in a cooperation with us and partners with many years of experience.

Our partners in Germany and India were involved in the development of the original “basic” Cassia Gum Grade, nowadays also called “Technical Grade” or “Feed Grade”.

And, they are the inventors and innovation drivers to develop and establish the new and even better and safer “Cassia Gum Food Grade” quality.

Experienced staff, which belongs to the factory since at least 20 years, secures that each single batch is manufactured according to the new EU regulation “concerning the authorisation of cassia gum as a feed additive for cats and dogs” published 22nd of November 2019.

Applications of Cassia Gum Food Grade

Pet Food

Cassia Gum Food Grade and also the former Cassia Gum Technical Grade are a substitute to Locust Bean Gum for use in Pet Food application. Due to the very similar structure they can boost applications using Kappa Carrageenan. Different to the combination with LBG, when using Cassia Gum Food Grade you receive firm thermo-plastic gels.


Besides the use in Pet Food, Cassia finds more and more applications in the Food industry. E427 can serve as a thickener, moisture retention agent, stabilizer, emulsifier and texturizing agent in dairy products and meat products.

Quality | Certificates

To secure the highest quality standards, proven by certificates that are relevant to the industry, is and always was one of our key objectives. We, our partners in Europe and India continuously work on further improving our products and services. Regular external and internal audits assure we continue to lead the market and remain at the highest possible level.

An accredited laboratory in Germany makes sure, that each single batch which is manufactured and tested in-house is also approved by an external source. Each single batch shall and will comply to EU/EFSA regulation stating total Anthraquinones content for Food Grade Cassia Gum E427 | 1f499 has to be <0.5 mg/kg.

The manufacturing site in India is certified with:

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